Lake House Remodel

- Scope -

This 2014 project started as a simple kitchen remodel and deck addition. The owners had recently purchased an older home with a great location on Chautauqua Lake and were looking to update the kitchen and create an open floor plan. They also sought to develop a large covered deck that would help to maximize the view of the lake. The remodel quickly developed into a much more substantial project as the work revealed aspects of the existing cottage that had serious underlying problems.

At its core, the existing building was a seasonal camp that had been built in the mid 1900’s. Over the years, the existing cottage had undergone at least five additions and a major remodel. Many of these changes were performed in an ad hoc manner with little concern for addressing the larger underlying problems. As the work on the kitchen remodel progressed these problems very quickly came to light. They included: a damp crawlspace, substantial rotting of the framing, crumbling foundations, beams that were not sized appropriately for their loads, little to no thought for ventilation or insulation, multiple access points for rodents (especially squirrels), tenuous electrical wiring that included old knob and tube wiring, and a cobbled together plumbing and ductwork system.

Fortunately for this project, the owners were willing to get to the bottom of the issues and do what was necessary to preserve and update the old cottage. It was a real pleasure collaborating with them to achieve a successful outcome.

- Design -

The original design of the remodel and deck addition was completed by local architect Diane Hendrix. At the request of the owners, we value engineered the plans in an effort to simplify the construction and reduce the overall cost of the project. The kitchen design and layout was provided by Jamestown Kitchen and Bath, and the interior decorating was accomplished by the talented Laurie Shults.

- Construction -

The main challenges of the construction rested in working through the multiple changes that had been made to the building over the last century, communicating the issues and options to the owner and then correcting the underlying problems in the most cost effective way possible.

By the end of the project, the scope of work expanded to include: replacing sections of the foundation, weather and rodent proofing the crawlspace, replacing large sections of rotten first floor framing, replacing the electrical service, water pump and adding an instant hot water heater, replacing the majority of plumbing including reworking the drain lines, adding heat tapes and creating a drainage system that preserved the option of leaving the building unheated in the winter, replacing the undersized main beams supporting the second story, replacing the majority of the windows, updating the ventilation and insulation, and finally completely redoing the roof as a metal roof.

- Materials -

All Metal Works Roofing, Viwinco Windows and Exterior Doors, Certainteed Vinyl Siding, Tongue & Groove Pine Ceiling, Hickory Flooring, Miratec Exterior Trim, Azek Composite Decking, Cultured Stone Tile, Sandstone Fireplace Hearth & Mantle, Granite Countertops, KraftMade Kitchen Cabinets.

- Cast & Crew -

Lake House Remodel

Lake House Remodel Details